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Bye ! going to BIG exam ~~

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hi everyone ! Grace here , telling you guys that i'm not able to go online until 12.10.2009 .
Sorry ya ! I really really miss you guys and will be back : )
note to Gracix :
If you guys have any questions to ask e-mail my asistants , VenissaKawaii .
bye ! see ya guys at mid- October .

Make your own Countdown Clocks


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The name for my dub ! Gracix ! credits to Pheobe for the name ! Gracix Dub is now officially open ! We'll not only dub the Winx , but any shows in the future ; )

Who is she ?

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Who is that girl ? I really like her ! She's just like the real life me ! I looked like the picture in the middle whenever i saw a pet store : ) i love pets ! plus log on to internet too ! I wear glasses too !
And I'm her voice actress in my dub ; ) she's sooo like me !

Poll closed !

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This is the results for my Poll and it seem that 7 of them wanted the name to be Grace .
and i notice I'm the only one who voted Qute , i voted 5 times in 5 days .
so I named it Grace ?? Ask my cast first : )

1000th comments

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Thanks to Bloomerica (Erica) for the 1000th comment on my Youtube channel .
and also to all my friends !!!! I'll make a video to celebrate , but later ; )
the snap shot i got is from LadyEllise's contest i entered round 2 !
Thanks again y'all ! love all my friends !

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift ! I love her ! She's the best singer !
Personal Fave :
Love story
Our song
Crazier (latest)
I'm crazy for her !
i got all her songs in her last album !!!! the download link of fearless album !!!
visit her at her channel , her official site , her twitter and her my space !

Monster Allergy Forum

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I really love a Forum it's name is Monster Allergy Forum : Dom Oasis .
I love it soooooo much ! i made two banners for it , this banner is the second featuring Bombo .
Most of the friends in the forum is almost university , but still they're awesome !
love them soooo much ! I went to the forum EVERYDAY ! please visit it if you're a MA fan ya !

Grace's Update

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Grace updated pictures
- added wallpapers and avatars of the Winx
- Added a new picture in "me and my gal friends"
Grace post some animated pictures in the corner of the blog
*credits to Lorelai for the idea*
Changed the background in Youtube
*Joann and Me*
Choosed a Tecna for My Dub


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Cute har ? i love them too !
you all have my permission to save them to your computer , but credits is mine : )

My fave Blogs

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I really like some blogs and most of them is about Winx Club ~~ xp
because a lot of people make a blog about the famous Winx ~~

Winx Blogs

Winx Fairies by Phoebe
Winx Episodios by Lorelai
Winx Club Now and 4ever by Janelle
Winx Club 4ever by Erica

Personal blogs

Venissa Kawaii by Venissa Kawaii
William-Hoy by William Hoy

Monster Allergy blogs

Monster Allergy Online by Zick_Fan
Monster Allergy World

Please Visit ya !
You don't know what you're missing if you aren't into blogging !

not online

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sorry everyone ! i can't go online like i use to be ~~
sorry everyone ! miss ya all ! really really !!!!!!!

until October

love : Grace