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Friend troubles

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I don't know why i want to post here . But i don't have other places to let out my miserable feeling !
My bestie in Youtube , Raily and her friend , Kitty got in a fight . Raily got hurt by Nicole so i understand that she is always in a betrayed mood but Kitty don't know . I tried to be nice to Kitty and told her to make up with Raily . Instead she misunderstood and told Raily that i backbite Raily . I was so angry . I was only gone for 3 days and this happens ! But in Kitty's point of view , she is now being deny by everyone in youtube , and in her eyes now , i am her only friend . So i try to talk to her . But she saw my comment in my own channel saying "All I wanted from you is 'STOP FIGHTING' !!!" She was hurted , obviously .

Another thing , I saw Steph's comment in Raily's channel . I thought she backbite her . At that moment , i really don't know what had gotten into me so i asked Steph . She was hurted too . Now I got 2 people hurted . 1 worrying i would hate her . I need a break . I think I will go offline for a while .
1) get out of here
2) my computer needs fixing .
Ciao ....

Going on a vacation ^^

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Guys ! I am going on a vacation ! xD I will be offline for 3 days . Since we're having our school holiday in Malaysia . This is going to be fun ^^ See you in a few days ! Ciao ! xD

Winx Miracle / William's double W

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Visit William's double W ^^

Musa and Roxy pet outfit

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I can't help it , i have to post something about Winx sometimes ^^ 
I know this is old , but i haven't been updating myself with Winx news lately . So forgive me . I found Musa's whole body pet outfit in this pose right after i finished cutting it . T-T Oh well ! 
credits : Winx Fairies and Arlon ^^

Fruity Cuties

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I was searching for "cartoon garlic" for fun . I accidentally found a cute site ! xD You can see the site's name in the corner of the picture .

That is one of my favorite ! (above)
If you don't know what that is , it's coconut .
This garlic is my current facebook profile picture . I think it's funny and cute xD

Photoshop errors

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My photoshop have a little problem after I format my computer and I can't seem to find one . I guess I will have a long time not updating my "Funnily Made" . Sorry guys ! I will try to find a photoshop as soon as possible .

with love :

My 3 days camp

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I went to a 3G camp for buddhist youngster (age:13-18) , like me ^^

3G is short term for 3 good . In Chinese : 三好 .
- 做好事                             - do good deeds
- 说好话                             - say good things
- 存好心                             - have a good heart
title of the camp : 爱我青年三好营 
If you do a direct translate of the title in google , you would get "Miyoshi love my youth camp" . lolx xD
We did a lot of stuff in this camp , but compared to the other camp I went to this camp is not so fun .
My group contain new members , all the other groups have at least 2 experienced members . Plus , we're out-numbered , all the group but us have 10 people . We only got 9 .

First day ,
We reached there and met other members , I am the oldest in my group They asked us to create our motto but we have no idea . We just said "Yeah , yeah , yeah ..." if we are needed to tell people our motto .
We played several stations game , we have to run from the back to the front and the front to the back . At last , all of us got soak . Everyone have 3 minutes to shower . The toilet is so small , you can't even shower without wetting your own cloths .
The first pack to shower took over 10 minutes to shower , the last pack (include me) only have 3-4 minutes to bath , the workers keep knocking the door . I can't shower silently , so I came out without being 100% clean .
Dinner time ! We can not talk when we're eating . No sound at all . It's a respectation for the Buddha . You have to eat everything on the plate . I ate beans and tofu in the same day ! BEANS AND TOFU ! YUCK ! 
2nd day ,
Second day is the most unforgettable day . In night time , we got a world wide dining . All the groups have their own country , our group is South Africa . xD We have to use newspaper to make their outfit and wear it during the dinner . I am one of the model . I look like a crazy women wearing newspaper clothing on me . We use watercolor to paint our country's flag on our faces . Haha ! Our group members looks so funny ! 
At last , all of us have to do cat walk on the red carpet . Our group do dancing with the "Waka waka"
song for Fifa world cup . One of our members , he jumped around the crowd while screaming "AHHHHH OOOO" . Everyone cheered and laughed when he got out . The winning country is Japan (my cousin's group) . I have to admit their group's kimono is really elegant . Even though it was made out of newspaper but it's really pretty and detailed . 
Imagine Nadeshiko wearing a kimono made out of newspaper . It's quite pretty ^^ They even make sushi out of newspaper ! Kawaii yo ! They totally deserved it ! xD
3rd day , 
When i woke up , i pated my bag . Guess how many mosquitoes flew out ? Uncountable ! That's why my friend looks like she just had chicken pox . Thank goodness I got a blanket covered my face . xD
It's the last day , our group is the ones to clean the toilet . Me and the girls splash water on the toilet seats and floor . Bubbles flew everywhere ! *giggles* Not so fun ~~ 
Finally , we got back ! haha ! 

I was so tried when i was eating dinner with my cousin and my family . She was talking about the camp and I joined in . My sister was listening ^^ When i got back home I realized I really missed my bed and the sofa ! I had been sitting on the floor for 3 days ! and the sleeping bag is not effective at all ! x(

Well , i guess that's it ! I just feel like typing all this in my blog . I learned a lot of stuff i haven't knew about Buddha ^^ 
Rating for camp : 35/100 

Off to camp

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I am going to camp guys ! Sorry ! but i never update this site anyway , so i don't think there will be any differences xD Sayounara ! *hugs*

ps : That picture is NOT by me , found it in google cause i am currently at my cousin's house ~~ PYon~~


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I reformat my computer today . Well , it's for the better . I used more then 3 hours to install the software in need *giggles* . I am glad that I got Sony Vegas and Photoshop in my other disk , so i don't need to reinstall them ^^
After formating I notice the computer got more advance , faster and fresh ! haha ! Just wanna write type down what happened today . ^^

ps : Is it just me ? Or Tadase looks like a girl in that picture ? O.o


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Hey guys ! This is Grace ^^ I am sorry about the lack of updates these days months . I will keep updating this blog , not with Winx , but myself ^^ My own daily life stuff ^^ Just randomly updating this place ! and don't comment long useless stuff in my blog or else it will be deleted . Thank you .