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Me and my best friends ( or YT sis )

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I figure i should post this here ~~
CAUTION : only my best friends or YT sisters can "take a photo" with me .
these gals are my best friends ! hope they'll like these
i'll post them one by one as bg in youtube ~~

I have more best friend than that ! i'll "take a photo" with them later ya !

Rai english > English

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I'm totally sorry 'bout the dub everyone ! I have to admit that i don't know what "Rai english" means until Pheobe told me ~~
it means "Rainbow English" and i though it's just another word for "language English" sorry everyone ! a Million apologizes ~~~
i changed the dub's title form "RAi" into "Eng" hope you guys ain't mad at me k ?


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Hi Everyone ! This is Grace just wanna tell you guys about my blog .
You all have permission to save the pictures in "Pictures"

But Please don't copy my title "Official blog"
sorry to say but it was my idea first so please don't copy it unless i say ok .
please coorperate .
The blogs I approved is
Bloomerica's official blog
and ONLY hers . She gave me credits in her blog
hope you guys understand
please DON'T be angry .
You'll understand if you were me .

Official Blog™


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hate to brag but i think i'm getting popular ~~

My prove~~

hehe : ) plus i got many many many many PM today xp
because of the dubbing or because of me ?
i think it's me ! *giggle*

Thanks again my cast ! for everything !

comments to my cast

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As the director i gotta say you guys are awesome ! keep up the good work !
but still you guys need some work , it's still your first time .
there's some comments form me : )

Pheobe ,

Your voice is awesome ! everyone loves it ! but you gotta be more emotional : )

Tanya ,

You're doing great ! your english is great : ) one more thing , be more "Stella style"
talk like a girl with blond and very popular !: )

Erica ,

You're good at doing voice acting , but gotta relax and talk slowly . Bloom talked to fast : )
one more thing , if you can . Can you don't make the echoing ?? if you listen carefully , there's echoing in the voice : )

Nadya ,

Althought you're not in this part of dubbing , but i heard your voice before : ) you sounded great ! but just a tip relax a little ya ! be yourself ! : )

Janelle ,

Your voice is hard to be heard , you got emotion . but just got nervous , and volume of the voice is low . try to relax and be yourself : )

Michelle ,

You need to be louder , emotional : ) and talk clearer , i bet your voice is great , maybe the problem is the mic . if very hard to listen to your voice sweetie : (

Just comments to you all ! don't be angry ~~

PS comments ~~

Venissa ,

You as Artu is great , but be more emotional and relax ya : )

to myself ,
( i do the girl wearing glasses , who's talking to Layla )
( i do Musa in part 1 )
( i do the voice which is in the beginning of the show )

My voice ? i don't know ~~ anyone with comments on my voice ??


Lay and Musa

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This is the original sketes of Musa she looks just like Lay from Monster Allergy


Obviously ~~ i love both of them ! : )

Both show produced by Rainbow S.P.A , i was glad to see their appearance was not the same : )


Glad that Musa look like this : ) she's totally cute !


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there's a new "cast love" i used their real name : ) hope they love it ! the old one can be throw : )

My cast for Grace's dubbing~~~
.♥.......................♥... ......♥....♥
♥..........Erica......♥... ♥.............♥
.♥........................♥.. ...Nadya..♥
..♥.....Pheobe......♥. ..............♥
...♥......................... ............♥
.....♥.....Tanya........ ........♥
........♥.................... ......♥
..Ben..♥..Michelle. ....♥
...............♥............. .♥

it's kinda out of place , but if you post it , it'll be normal : )

That's a snap shot of my channel : )

Chat box

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The chat box is finished ! it's in the lastest link "chatta" we can chat in this link !
i even make a chat box especially for Flora ( my friend ) she can chat with her friends trough this chat box : )

happy chatting !

Chat box

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sorry the chat box is under constrution so please comment for now until the chat box is done : ) please and thanks ya !


Daily Dresses

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Flora's rare pose for daily dress !
finally ! i found it !

Exam is over !

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Grace Is back from examination !
I miss you guys so much ! My exam done well except for history :S
my history ain't so good ...
and math ~~

Thanks for you guys supporting me ya ! : )
xoxo ,

Heart Shape and the Winx

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Do you guys notice that their wings is all "related" to the heart shape ?

Roxy's wings is like soooo obvious that it's a "copy" of heart shape .

If you look at Stella's wings upside down her wings is love shape : ) not upside down , her wings below is love shape: )

Bloom's one is definatly heart shape no doubt !

Flora's e-mail

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it's not really my friend Flora : )
from now on , to separate Flora and Flora . I'll call my friend Flora - Flo : )
it's a fan e-mail : )

Me and the Winx

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I'm just like Flora

I have a shy personality ,
kinda sensitive ,
sometimes afraid ,
I'm really easy to cry ,
but not in front of my friends ,
I love the nature ,
My fave colour is pink ,
I care about my family very much

I'm just like Roxy

I really love animals ,
i tell all my secrets to them ,
I'm very stubborn .

I'm just like Stella

I have hazel eyes ,
sometimes i'm as crazy as Stella ,
When I laugh I can laugh very loud ,
When I cry I can cry very hard ,
I can't control my emotional .

I'm just like Musa

I love music ,
I'm a chinese ,
I love to eat sushi ,
My hair is straight just like Musa's .

I'm just like Tecna

I love tecnology ,
I love to play internet ,
I'm not fashionable .

I'm just like Layla

I have dark colour hair just like Layla's ,
I love gymnasium ,
I danced ,
In my room~~

I'm just like Bloom

I have born leadership ,
I have a heart to believe in anything that wouldn't happen ,
I have Bloom's skin tone ,
I'm just a normal girl ,
believing that one day ,
everyone can see the special I have in me .

Not Winx ~~

I'm not like Flora
I have no patient like Flora .

I'm not like Roxy
I have no heart to learn something that i'm not pro in .

I'm not like Stella
I'm not fashionable at all .

I'm not like Musa
I have no patient to be with a guy that's so "cool" to me ,
the meaning is ,
i'll definatily dump him if his atitute is like Riven's

I'm not like Tecna
I'm not as smart as Tecna .

I'm not like Layla
I hate sports very much !

I'm not like Bloom
I don't know ~~

Bloom's Believix inspiration ?

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Saw this Fan art ? I found it in Winx Magazine and you know what ? this dress look just like Bloom's believix outfit ~~
it was done by a girl named Ng Pei Xhian form Malaysia . this fan art is from issue 38 .

so is the fan art an inspiration for her believix outfit or not ?

yes or no ?
This must be the inspiration for her believix outfit !
no ! this is so not the "inspiration" ! free polls

Episodes and Magazines

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i notice that winx club magazines can tell you what will happen in the next episode !
this Winx magazine's cover is Stella in front of the mirror and the reflection is her transformed self .
do you guys remember in season 3 when Stella turned into a monster ?
she's wearing the dress that can be seen in the magazine cover ! Do you guys saw Amore ? she's siting on the mirror , meaning that Stella's spell have to be broken by some love ! and the episode's ending is Brandon saved Stella from the spell in front of the mirror of truth !
this magazine is selling before the episode came out : )

OH MY ~~~

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Guys ! Fifika , who's playing Musa had just quit my dubbing ! i need a replacement A.S.A.P !
i'll need to use Michelle's voice on Musa first and i'll think of the part 2 after this ~~

Winx Aqua Fan

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i took snap shot from the video of "Winx day " in youtube : )
hope you guys like them ! They're too many snap shots so i only post some of them : )

A search ~ Finding Video

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the title is kinda like copied the title "Finding Nemo" .
anyway , just wanna say that i'm kinda like ... in love with a video ~~
it's about Flora , about one or two years ago ~~
before i have internet , and blogs , channel ....
i went to my cousin's house to play internet , i go to youtube and found a very awesome video about Flora ! it's very nice ! that video hits over 100'ooo views ! i love that video !
i book mark it in my pendrive too ! but after a few months i got over it and delete the book mark , after a year i got internet and want to find back that video ever since .... but failed :'(
how i wish i could find back this video ! and now i typed "Flora Winx Club " or "Winx CLub Flora" also can't seem to find it : '(
and now i only can remember a little of the song ~~
it's kinda like .....
♫♪nothing could xx be sunshine like floral xx better ♫♪

"xx" means i forgoted the lyrics : (
if anyone can find this video or saw this video or anything ! please tell me okey ? : '( i'm in love with it even before i have internet :(

A video for me !

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I got a video from my YT sis ! her name is LadyEllise !
She's the sweetest of all ! she made me a video ! about Flora : )
i fave it too ! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !

She's soooooo the sweetest !

New links for my blog !

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there's links to my blog now !
Homepage - This blog ( GraceQute's official blog )
Questions - ask me questions
Pictures - My DIY pictures avatars of background
Sites - My others sites
* Facebook
* Friendster
* Youtube

go check out my links today !

Believix Musa's bg for me !

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Believix Musa gave me a bg ! ain't that nice of her : )
i love this picture ! it's a gift , i dosen't requeste to her :)
thanks Believix Musa !
btw , please visit her blog ya !

My first bg made by a friend without requesting !

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OMG ! is this picture pretty ?! i always dream of this ! a friend make a picture to me without me requesting ! i LOVE this picture ! thanks to Bloomerica ! she's sooooooo sweet !!!
i never got a bg from a friend thanks ya !