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3000th comment in Youtube @ DJ

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I reached my 3000th comment in Youtube ! Guess who the 3000 commenter is ? Myself ! Actually its suppose to be Venissa , but she wrote 3 comments to make the comment box's number turned 3000 , so i deleted 2 . I wrote "Yeah ! i reached my 3000th comment" in the 3000th comment :D i refresh the page and realize it's 3000 only ... and i thought Sara is the 3000 commenter so i wrote something in her comment box and apologize cause of my misunderstood :D silly me .

Those are the poster i made for the school interviewing DJ . I am signing up for it ! but my competitors are tuff , wish me luck !

ps : Vern Yee is my friend who is responsible for this activity and Bahasa Malaysia is my country's main language . But i am bad at it :D

Credits : 3 smiley picture found in DevianArt , 3 posters made by me (GraceQute) , background picture found in google . All rights goes to their owners .

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In Monster Allergy site there's a book - tamer's manual . is like a book and you can flip it by using your arrow .

and the new "look" in Winx Club site , in fun zone - comic

you also can flip the comic xD

Winx Club site got a new look !

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Home Page

Lower page

Fun Zone

you can download musics ! but i don't know if it costs
Wallpapers ! yes folks , for now only Flora , Bloom back to school and Winx ( no Roxy ) beleivix wallpaper .

Comics ! but they need money to be read .
Videos ! not the videos in youtube like the one i made , it's the one Rainbow have - episodes . But you need to buy them xD
Story time !
Season 1 until 4
Biodata about the Winx !
Location , apperently no "Love and Pet" or Fruity music bar ...
My account ! we can change our profile picture now ! cool huh ?
Community page
The forum after signed in
News page , don't you think the king and queen of this week is lucky ??

This is the mini games you played and if you enter the top 10 high score you will be in the list
Page for parents to know about the site's information .

Have fun in the "new" winx site ! xD