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1. Youtube

I got 200 subbers ! actually 203 . Thanks for everyone's support ! Me and Fifiriven done a collab please watch it when you have time

2. Winx Sites Contest *closed*
there's 3 sites joined and all of them are amazing ! But only 2 sites entered the 2nd round !
first ....
Bloomerica's "Winx Club 4 Ever" !
How It Was Made:

Today, I'm going to be telling everyone the history of Winx Club 4 Ever. To be honest, it all started one day when I was looking for season 4 pictures. I clicked on a link to Winx-Fairies. Then, I asked a question and sent it to Phoebe. I started talking to her until one day it lead to the subject of I making a blog. I gave it a shot and made a blog. I named it Winx Club 4 Ever. It was a really good start. I owed everything to Phoebe. Later on, my blog got more readers and I got the hang of what I was doing. I decided my blog needed a makeover, so that's what I gave it. I ended up having to chose through six different back rounds before I got the one I have today. I then had two followers, and now I had much more. I then decided to make more pages. I made a FanFiction page, A Characters page, A Pixies page, A Questions Page, A Movie page, A Fan Edited Pictures page and A Fashions page. Yup, My blog sure was going places. After some posts and a whole lot of time, my blog now stands with thirty-one followers and over two hundred posts.

The Reason For Making:

The reason I made Winx Club 4 Ever was for the fun. I was really inspired by Winx-Fairies. I also guess I made Winx Club 4 Ever because I just loved Winx. I watched all three seasons then sort of stopped liking it. Yes, I admit, at some point of my life, I stopped liking Winx Club. But, my friend then told me about the movie being out and as soon as I heard that, I went on YouTube to watch it. The magic was brought back into my life and I began enjoying Winx Club again. shortly after that was when I made my blog.

Future Plans:

I plan to delete pages on the blog, and hire more authors. I must say, I need help with the posting and what not. I'm only on the computer three out of seven days and that doesn't give me much time to post. Still, I try my hardest, and succeed. I have all my friends out there in the internet world to help me on my way. I wouldn't have ever gotten here without my blog.
and ......

Angela's "Angela's Winx World" !

It all started as a school project...
I used to visit Winx Club websites and blogs for fun and ran across tons of fun images. (Since I really thought/think Winx Club is AMAZING.) I eventually found Michael's Favorites and I think that was the website that inspired me the most. It was really well done with lots of pictures and an extremely cool news page. For a while I participated in sending news into that website - but eventually I decided I really wanted to start a website of my own.
One day, I was like, so determined and I drew the "main page" design on paper and showed my parents. They liked it, so they helped me set one up. I learned basic web design and immediately fell in love with it - while it being part of my school! My parents let me use this HTML book that was probably as big as a couple of fat bricks, but I barely even scanned it. I used Google when I wanted to know how to do something!
I saved images, made them into JPEGs (since they load faster) and wrote down Winx Club info as well as what I thought of the show. Starting up the website took me a couple of months because of all the images I had to edit.
I continued building up my website until May 20th, 2009 when I had my Grand Opening - as well as a contest to celebrate! I got two entries (thanks Grace and Phoebe! You rock!!), but I didn't mind too much. After all, my website had just started and nobody knew about it.
I posted my site on a couple of Topsites to get people to visit it - and then to my surprise I was getting a TON of visits! After awhile, I was getting a steady 1,000 visits PER DAY!
By August 17th I was up to 100,000 visits and I held another contest. I seriously couldn't/can't believe how many people enjoy visiting my site!!
Now, I am up to 200,000 visits and about 200 comments (including mine) and more and more everyday!
Well, that's how it started and i hope you enjoyed my report! ^_^ Thanks for reading!

Here's how the second round goes , we have to choose the best site . We will have a poll and YOU will vote for the best site !

Which site is the best ?
Winx Club 4 Ever
Angela Winx World free polls
and after the due date in January ( I'll choose the due date by surprise ) I'll count out the poll in their site and add my site to count out who's the winner . Good luck to both of you ! :D

Sorry for the next 2 weeks

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In our country , school's about to start so i can't go online too much , at least for the next 2 weeks . Gotta prepare , the cloths , books ... etc . Sorry ya ! I updated "Pictures" with the avatars i just made . and of course i can't update Gracix too much , sorry .
Photobucket And i also need YOUR HELP , i have a problem , my Gracix Blog have only 6 Winx in the link , if you looked carefully , i forgot Tecna .... i can't think of what link it should be so i need your help , give me ideas of what Tecna link should have :D please and thanks !

Another Gracix ?!

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OMG ! there's another Gracix !!! i was google searching Gracix (for fun) when i accidently saw this video ! it's by Roxy00Winx

i never say she was a copy cat i just wanted to tell ... i should ask her about this ... stay tuned for the nest post about this ... i hope the name can be change ....

Guess Guess Guess part 2 / Answer part 1

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WOW ! a lot of people love the guessing game ! so i made a new part :D sorry that there's only 3 to guess this time ... cause i have some problem with something xp Will have more next time !
*requested by BelievixMusa*
The answers for the last part of the guessing game is :
Stella !!! the secret of lost kingdom - 3D in her daily dress !
Flora in season 1 in her Magic Winx !
Musa season 4 in her exercise outfit !
Layla season 3 in her exercise outfit !
Chatta season 3 in her detective outfit !
Bloom season 3 in her beach outfit !
Now for the next part ..... oh ... i think it's getting easier ... wait till the next part ! muahaha !

Thank You everyone !!!!

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Thank you all for the birthday presents you all gave me ! :D I really appreciate it !
This picture is from Flora ! She made it form Blingee you also can see it in the right hand side of my blog :D It's amazing ! thanks Flora !

These Adorable pictures are from FloraRulez aka Emily ! She even made a 9 minutes video for me ! and surprisingly she read the blog post when she's making the video xp
Thanks Emily ! i love them !

Now there's present from my friend ! i don't know her really well , but she made a Flora video for me ! and I LOVE IT ! she worked hard on it :D really hard ! and sorry about i scared her alittle in my comment , i wrote "Who told you i like it ? i DON'T like it ! not at all !!! i LOVE IT ! it's AWESOME ! I can see you worked very very hard on it ! it's amazing ! thanks sweetie ! *hugs*" haha ! she got scared alittle :D and i love it ! :D
Presenting Flora - My Immortal

And there's presents from my Yt sisters ! Fifa and Alexandra ! Their collab is about Dark Bloom , Layla , Flora and Musa . It's not only for me but also for mileycyrushater4eva , bez123starstar and pandaninja77 . And it's an awesome video ! I can see both of them worked really hard on it !

This is my present form VenissaKawaii ! :D thanks gal ! i love it a lot ! :D

There's also Birthday wishes !!!!!

These are wishes from ~~Mahnoor Jehangir, Zeynep Yabantaş, Fifa Darcy Selmanovic, Shoei Yeou, Hui Wen,Phoebe Faulkner,Cheeses Mm-f ,Zhan Yan ,William Hoy
Thank you everyone of you all ! :D

Wishes from My friends in Youtube

Thanks ! again ! Love you all ! :D
I love all the presents and all ! thanks !

Presents i got today :D (all uploaded in 4th of December)
Bg made by LadyEllise , one of my best YT sister :D

and she made me another video !!!! about Flora and Diana !!!! Thanks :D she first made me a collab now another video ! thanks ! :D Cascada ! haha !
A gift from WinxBloomEnchantix ! THANKS I LOVE IT ! i think she said it's the first time she made a video ...... THANKS !!! i love it ! she had to upload it twice :D thanks !!! and it has funny little cute song :D

Now there's a bg ... two bg from William ! thanks ! :D

Another wonderful present from my sister , InesTheCrazyOne ! i call her Ines :D it's a video about Flora ! YIpee ! This one have Taylor Swift's song ! OMG !

A video - Solitary Rose (i love that song) about Flora for me ! from my one and only Twin sister in YT ! mileycyrushater4eva !!!

Another amzing gift from Bloomerica !~!!! i love it !!!!

This is a present from Janelle (BelievixMusa) isn't this wonderful ??

This is from the owner of Dreamy Winx , Rita . She made this for me ! thanks :D

Thanks to Musa Believix for the picture ! althought i don't really know her well , but she also made a picture for me ! thanks sweetie !

Guess Guess Guess

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HI everyone ! Grace's here ! I was so boring so i made these , it's a guessing game ! Comment your answer to me ! and if you guess right the most you're the winner :D but sorry , no prizes it's just a game for fun xp
The answer have to be
Who , which season , in what outfit :D clever you could figure it out within 2 minutes :D thanks for answering if you really do ! :D


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I was watching season 3 episode 9 and notice Griffin's different in 17 years ago until now :D
This is the young Griffin , in 17 years ago , she looks so cute !

This is the Griffin now , she changed a LOT ! i was shocked to know that Baltor can recognize her after so many years ! Well , I'm not insulting her or anything , it's just i wanted to tell the different :D

Sweet Sense

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Hey everyone ! My Godmother made a blog about cupcakes that she made please visit it :D

She makes lots of cupcakes ! You can order online , but only for Malaysia . The details you need will be writen at the right hand side of "Sweet Sense" . Enjoy !

Snow outfits

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Picture of Bloom and Flora in their new style of snow outfit ! cool huh ?
her full body picture ! my dream comes TRUE !

I joined Dreamy Winx ! /Season 5

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I joined "Dreamy Winx " And this is my first post in that site :D
And this post is also my 100th post in this blog ! *clap hands* yipee !
Most of the info comes from this video
it says that Nabu is going to come back and I'm 100% positive of it !

See that ?? I'll put one more to let you to see it clearly

Haha ! they're snap shots from season 4 episode 26 ! Is that ghost of Nabu ? Or it's just Rainbow telling us that Nabu is going to be back in season 5 ?

2nd , Bloom is going to have a DAUGHTER !
laughing I don't know why but maybe it's just a rumor tongue But this news come from the Russian magazine , so maybe yes , maybe no .

WInx got their ENCHANTIX back in SEAson 5 !

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This video says it all !

can anyone sees Roxy ?
Believix , (like what Fairygonda said in episode 1 ) it's just a beyond enchantix ! so they always have their Enchantix all along ! YAY !!!

Happy Holidays !

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Happy Holiday to all my mates ! The holiday start today I'm so excited !

Actually my holidays started two weeks ago , oh well !

Nabu's dead

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Poor Nabu , he died at episode 24 . And most of us think Bloom's the one who died . But without the Gift of Life will he come alive again ? Or he'll fly to heaven and never come back ?

Flora's issues

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In Season 3 Episode 12 (the black Willow) Flora gets her enchantix , and she brings Mielle/Rose a long to the trip . I notice something funny
~ Flora calls her sisters Mielle but most sites says her name is Rose . What's her real name ?
~ When Flora gets her enchantix , she saved her sister by having a bubble take her back up to the surface , she's not a water fairy . How do she do that ?
2 questions , that's all .
Well , i love this episode ! it makes me cry so much !
"I love you , my little blossom" said Flora .
She's my fave Winx ! and it'll never change !

A ring for Stella ?

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OMG ! a ring for Stella ?? What does that mean ?? Brandon wanted her to marry him ?
She's the eldest in Winx and i hope she'll get engaged to Brandon ! But she just wink at the end . Hmm... what does that mean ?? Yes or no ??

Contest *closed*

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Hi everyone ! Grace here ! I'm opening a contest for all the Winx Club sites ! Please join :D
Here's how you win :D
First of all , you need a site about Winx Club !
Round 1
Write an essay about your site on why you wanted to create it , how you have the idea to create it , how much it means to you etc .
History of the site is required .
Round 2
There will be a poll between your site and others sites , and i need YOU to post the poll in YOUR site and let others vote . NOTE : please do not vote for yourself TQ
last of all , e-mail me about the votes on the sites and I'll count the total .

Winner's site will get gifs done by me (with the site's name on it) , a whole week !
(from any season 4 episodes*except for episode 2*)

ps : I'll post your site's links on my blog to help your sites to get more votes , to make sure it's fair , you only can use paint or photobucket to edit your links . TQ

Angela Winx World

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this is Angela Winx World ! one of my friend's web site ! please visit it !

She used the picture i made for her in her site ! :D

Star Sue

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this is a place where you can dress up your own Winx !

There's multiplie game to play with ! :D

I dress up for myself , you can change hari colour there !

Cclick on "next"

Walah ! see ! it's me but bigger and in different outifts !

this is a funny one ! i change Bloom into Flora and mixed up the outfits and add Musa's wings on it ! funny ! mixing try it today at !