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Cute pen drives

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Amazing handbags for girls . Mini size and cute ! 

Jog with these amazing pen drive band . 

Ohh ! Blink blink ! I don't mind having them as proposal gifts ^_~

These pen drive are just utter abusive to plush toys .


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Paint-It-Yourself is pretty fun and also easy . You only need to follow the numbers to color them . Truth to be told , I think it feels kind of fake when you doesn't draw the painting yourself . Still , you will feel successful when you finished your art .

Products with 3 brushes per box, share the joy of artistic creation with family and friends.
High-elastic nylon material.

Pigments with environmentally friendly, non-toxic non-polluting paint special paint.
Make long-term preservation work and it can never fade.

Painting substrate materials used in all high-grade cotton.
After special treatment, is a professional digital painting material.
Extraordinary texture.

Sample picture with numbers on them . 

Paint them according to their numbers that is printed on the bottle cap . Remember to close the cap when you doesn't use it . Because this painting is in quick dry mode . 

There's no worries in painting outside the lines in accident . You can cover it back with the high quality paints with another color .

There's different sizes and patterns of these paintings . You can paint them for the living room , your room or even make it as a gift for your friend or relative . Here's one of the pictures i have painted before .

I put this in my living room , the base do cost quite a lot . If you count in Ringgit Malaysia . It's RM17.90 this is only the size of 10cm x 15cm . The smallest size of all .

I wanted to buy one of these to paint for my living room . They are not quite big thought .
Kind of like the size of this picture below .

but in horizontal version . This was the biggest size they had . But it cost RM89.90 , my mum freak out when she heard that so i know what the answer is even before she tells me .
They have a lot of paintings now , new arrival and also in bigger sizes . 

One of the people who brought it , took a picture of her painting after she finished it . 

this one took 3 days to complete . Fast and amazingly beautiful !

Looks the same right ? This is the largest size . 40cm x 50cm . It won't take long to finish , if you're fast within 2 days you can finish it . My mini size picture took me about an hour to finish .

Picture taken in Kuala Lumpur City Center , these are the size of 10cm x 15 cm .

A lot of people like to sit there and paint . There are also children , these paintings are to make the children more creative . At least , that's what the sales girl said ^^ .
There're XXX sizes of pictures coming soon . here are the sample pictures .

That , is just a picture for advertisement about Children's creativity growth . If it's not , then that picture will took forever to complete !

Concept store
You can find them in Facebook , most of their contents is base on Chinese ( what's translator for ? ) Paint it yourself today ! If you are wondering why I post this , it's because i think it's fun so I post it here .(^_^v)

New layout by Yokohama

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My head is stuck , i have no idea how to make a new layout for my blog and also lazy too . Well ! As usual , Yokohama (Tati) saved my day and my blog who looked horrible before this xD

Yokohama is a fan of Winx but she have her life too , she isn't that active in the Winx community anymore but she still have continue making her wonderful graphics ! Currently she have 3 blogs (at least 3 of it i knew) . Oh ! and one Mural .
This is what written in the "About/Sobre" page .
The Yokohama's Design is my blog-portfolio. Here, I post my works: illustration, web design and digital art.
Welcome and feel free to comment my work and anything else, contact me!
You can see amazing workings by Yokohama in this blog ^

Cantinho Da Yoko
What written in "About" by Yokohama herself translated to English
The "Corner of Yoko" is the blog I created to talk about everything I like.
In the end, I realized that I love everything cute and / or art! hihi ^ __ ^
Therefore, searching for inspiration and stuff kawaii, welcome (s)!
Ah, but it does not I post recipes and some small tips from time to time!
Criticism (constructive), compliments, suggestions, opinions and comments are welcome!
Make yourself at home! (^_^)

If you like adorable stuff , this blog suits you :)

Chuva De Lacos
This is a blog that Yokohama sells stuff in . She sells toys , clothing and more !
Rain Ties is the online store of Yokohama, the
Why Rain Ties? Because they are cute, feminine, delicate ...
Not that all store products are or contain ties! (^___^) Hihi
Feel free and happy shopping! ♥

Yokohama's Mural
I guess if you're Winx fan you will know what site this is . Fill with Winx wallpapers by the professional graphic designer Yokohama !


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Sorry but i won't be updating this site's homepage for quite a while , but no worries ! i will still update "Downloads" and "Funnily made" . For now i am busy on another site me and my friend made .

sorry and will miss y'all !