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Birthday Gifts

Posted by GraceQute Labels: ,

I figured I wanna share them , since everyone used their time to make a present for me ^^ Domo Arigato Gasaimase ! xD

From LadyEllise ,

Alex is like the sweetest friend ever ! xD She made me a video even though i didn't do anything for her in her birthday ~~ *tears* Thanks Alex ! YT sis forever ! xD

From XSweetAlice ,

Mei , made me a set of bg , icon and made me a video ! ~Nya~ I can not believe her ! xP She's just so sweet ! *hugs* 

From Fifi , 
Even though i don't like Bloom , but this is sweet enough to make me forget about that xD Arigato !

From FloraRulez , 
She host a MEP and made me a bg ^^ That must have took her a lot of time to finish ! Thanks ! I love them ! 

From HunnyHotori , 

She is like my bestie in Youtube ^^ and she made me and my YT twin a video plus a set of bg and icon ! Kawaii yo ! Arigato ! xD

From StellaRocksWinx ,

I know she will do more if she got her Sony Vegas fixed . But i don't mind ^^ As long as they are from her ! Totally love them ! Thanks Mano-chan ! 
From TecnaTechnoGirl , 
Cute bg ^^ I totally love mine ! xD
From Twinny a.k.a Mileycyrushater4eva , 

Even though you never said they are for my birthday , but i consider them as presents ^^ Thank you !
From TecnaWinx21 ,
I just got this ! xD So pretty ! *O* i love it ! xD

Winx Rockstars

Posted by GraceQute Labels:

Winx Club just send me a picture trough e-mail . I bet most of the Winx Club users got them ~~

I know a lot of Winx sites posted this too . I feel like posting it . So , is this a birthday present to me from Winx ? There's no Roxy , so i guess . Maybe , lolx xD