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My friend in school drew this picture for me and my best friend ! it's a wonderful picture ! i LOVE it ! the one who wear glasses is me xp
the one who look like Blossom is my best friend ~ Cindy : )


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I'm sooooooo sorry ! i forgot to tell you guys that i can't online for a few days and some of you misunderstand : (
i'm totally sorry !!!!
i finished my exam and i have to say , i'm really really really sorry :'(

especially Flora , i'm not mad at you i'm just having my exam i'm TOTALLY SORRY that i dosen't tell you , please please please don't stop chatting with me in my cbox :( okey ? i'm sooooo sorry : (

ps : i'll up date my fan fic soon : )

new e-mail

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hotmail is very "lagged" these days so i make a new e-mail at gmail . it's faster than i thought !
very nice ! although i'm still trying to figure out how to put the theme ... if you know what i mean ~~~

~ with luv ~ GraceQute~~

Whole new cast !

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I was very busy these days is because i'm doing something in secret , and now i want to tell you all the secret ! I told my cast to keep this as a secret but some of them told others ~~~
I don't wanna do voice talents anymore , just want to direct and produce . so i let my best friends in the web to have a chance to be one of the Winx ! Presenting !!!!!

Bloomerica ( Erica ) as Bloom

tazzaluvzbratz7 ( Tanya ) as Stella

Pheobe ( from Winx Fairies ) as Roxy

Fifika12345 as Musa

Believix Musa as Layla

SailorLanena as Flora


E-Mail me if you're interst !!!

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In my dubbing , i need Villians , Boys , Artu !
who wants to help out in the boys section email to me !!!

PLease !!! DONT !!!!

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i guess you guys saw my dubbing right ??
well , a girl ... in youtube ... she's also making dubs !
i dosen't say i can't let her or stop her from making them ... but it was my idea at first !
i WISH PLEASE !!! don't make the dubbing !!!

I mean ... i know i don't have the right to stop her , but .... :'(
just ... please don't make the dubbing ...

this is her channel .....

should i just ignore , or tell her how i really really feels ??

bye bye Turtles and Welcome Guiney Pig

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Well , my house is like a Zoo ...
my pets
~ Dog
~ bunny
~ fish
~ hamster
~ Turtles

well , not now .. my turtles is bye bye ! they're free in the lake now and i welcome the guiney pigs

the Chocolate colour one is mine , and named Coco :)
familiar right ?? just like Flora's pet !

haha .... well , i'm gotta miss my turtles :'(

Bloomerica's bg ~~

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Sorry sweetie , i forgot you said you want a animated one ; )
i edited it ! hope you like it !!! ;)

with love : Grace

Pet Society in Facebook

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that is before

this is after ~~~
I updated my Room in Pet Society facebook : )
wow ! the windows cost me $2000 !!! well , who tell me to be in love with Paris ??
Not Paris hilton , it's Paris French ! oh how i wish i could be there !!! :)

which room do you guys like best ??

A trip to Paris ~~~~

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New Wallpapers ! the theme is Paris : )
Hope you guys like them ! click on them to enlarge them to save them : )
some of them are funny : )

Where's Flora ??? oh ! up there !

Nice outfit Layla !

They're at the bistro : ) Lunch time !

Look closely , below the tower , The Winx are over there ! haha !

Nice place !

Hi Stella and Flora ! ( My 1st fave Winx and 2nd Fave winx ! )

Aww.... what a pretty view ! nice pose flo !

OMG ! totally romantic !

haha ! do you guys notice Flora is looking at Musa on the bridge ??

Three Fave Winx :)


Hi Tecna ! nice choice ! love the view !

haha ! Bloom ! you're sooo high up !!!

Last but not least ! Group photo !!!

Hope you guys like my pictures ! Please comment ya !

Picture for MWinx00

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I meet MWinx00 in Youtube : ) she's a real sweetie ! there's a little something something for her : )

Image hosting by Pitload

hope you like it ! give your comment ya ! : )

Mail to me ya !

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hi guys ! if you look carefully , i got a new link in the right hand side . you guys can e-mail me ,anything you like , chat with me ask me stuff about videos , pictures , Winx , Monster Allergy .... etc ...

hope to hear from you guys soon !

my MSN also use this e-mail : )

My dubbing on youtube ...

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my channel is like okey okey , and i make a Rai english version of Winx club , althought it's not good , but i love it ! i worked so hard of it ! but i need you guys to help me to decide ... should i go on making them or should i just stop ??


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I was eating home made pizza when I type this post , the cheese smell make me notice something .... i notice i have less comments ... and i gotta tell you guys , don't need to have an account to post comment in my blog . You can post comment as anonymous , your own name , account name etc ....

if you guys are lazy , you can chat with me in my cbox ! so you don't need to open a new window to post comment ! : )

hope you guys like my blog ! : )

Winx and Monster Allergy's pictures...

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Different ya ? Roxy's one is nicer i gotta say .... why can't i make MA ones like hers ? same site right ? kinda confusing ....
why can't i seem to make MA ones faster ??

Image hosting by Pitload

Image hosting by Pitload

btw , who know where can you find MA clips ??

Animated pictures for my friends !

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all this pictures is purely made by GraceQute ( me )
well , i notice Pheobe really like my animated avatar , since she like it , i wanna do one for her , well, except for her no one notice my avatar is animated : ( hope you like it !
Image hosting by Pitload

Image hosting by Pitload

Official site - Winx Game

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I was "scaning" stuff in Winx Faries and i found a blogpost it's about the Winx official site-games
and i got a account i tried to add Phoebe , but ... it's not working ... so if you guys saw a gal named Qute94 in that game .. add me ! : ) please and thanks : )

btw , i don't know italian , please don't speak italian with me okey ? thanks ! : )

Winx Collection ( part 2 )

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i was editing post in my blog when i found out i got my first comment in My Winx Collection blog post and ....

they're ALL on a discount ! and i grab them ALL in my basket ! those are the pictures i took with my phone on the way to the counter to pay : )

^ that is A.W.E.S.O.M.E ! i saw this in the CD store ! it's like so BIG ! i wonder if they still want this after the advertisment ... i wish i could take this home ... : ( this big "poster" is just beside the counter ! : ) nice right ?