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Roxy have Bloom and Layla's power ?!

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Roxy shoots out a water dragon ! Wow ! does that mean she have Bloom and Layla's power ?!
Layla usually do all the watering , but this time it's Roxy .... hmm ....
If you can't see the upper Roxy gif properly , then look at this snap shot . Okay , maybe it look a little like a dog or a wolf . But it's identical with the dragon Bloom usually shoots out !

see ! it's really a dragon ! Maybe it's just because of dragon is also an animal ?
as you can see in this Chinese Zodiac graph , the dragon is racing with other animals . Although it doesn't really exists now , but maybe it's an extinct animal . Or maybe in their world dragon really do exists and also in the list of animals !
in episode 15 season 3 , Bloom saved a dragon named buddy . There's also a place full of dragons !

In comic issue 32 the comic's name is "My friends is a dragon" . so maybe it's not so weird that Roxy have a little the power of dragon . Because dragons is so common in their world !

ps : I'm also a dragon in the Enchanted Horoscope xD

Updates from season 1 , 2 , 3 until now

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This , is season 2 Helia's lines . and it's just lines .

But in season 4 , Helia have glowing lines ! there're in purple and white ! cool huh ?

As you can see , the Winx's wings are all these pattern .

But in season 4 , after Rainbow know how to make 3D effects (after the first movie) , they used it on the Winx's wings in season 4 . It looked like it's faded in . pretty beautiful .
In season 4 , the Winx have their very own patterns as well ! example : love shapes , stars , diamonds , flowers , music notes etc .
Bloom is having love shapes when she shoots her power .
Layla have water power so that makes her have the circle shape because of bubbles .
Stella got Stars shapes cause she have the power of the sun and the moon .
Musa have her music notes .
Instead of flowers , they decided to let Flora have leafs .
Tecna is having triangle shapes . Maybe it's because of her "wings" in season 1 .

Gracix's Tecna birthday !

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a birthday alert ! Today is Gracix's Tecna's birthday ! 6th of March ! and as we (the Gracix members) all know , 18 February is Erica's (my Bloom's) birthday ! Sorry i doesn't give you a present , but i will give it to you as a belated present later , hope you don't mind ya ! xD

Good bye "Questions" , Hello "Downloads" !

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I deleted the "questions" page and changed it into "downloads" page . I figured since no one asks me anything i will just close it .