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Winx Movie 2 magazine scans

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my guess is , this page says the movie will be out in Italy in October of year 2010 . with the 3D effects !
I guess Roxy aren't in this movie .....
Maybe this movie is mostly about the pixies ?? ( sorry , i don't know what the magazine is talking about , it's just my guess xD )
note from Ayuko ( my friend)
the magazine scans say that in the upcoming winx magazines there'll be sneak peeks of the second movie ^^ and they also explain about the contest (to win Lockette's role) in the second film =)
credits goes to Winx Club Episodios for the pictures ! :D

Cute pets !
Pets in 3D ! I think they will be in the next Winx Movie ! cute huh ??

Winx on ice 2 ?

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a new Winx on ice ? This is the new magazine issue 71 . It's also kinda an advertisement of the new collection of Winx Dolls . i recognize Bloom's pose on the cover of the magazine ! It's Stella's Winx on Ice's pose !
see what i mean ??

this picture is small and not so clear , but we all can know it's a new collaction of Winx dolls . The picture have Bloom , Flora , Roxy and Stella . Does that means Roxy will be in Winx on ice 2 in the future ??

Roxy new pose in Daily outfit

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cool huh ?? it's JPEG , i made it into PNG :D i like her new pose ! it's so fimiliar .....

Love Story

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Well , you all know i LOVE Taylor Swift ! and She's my IDOL ! xD
I found a song ! that's AWESOME !! i think the Taylor fans will LOVE this ! EVEN ME !!!!!!
it's Love Story but in piano version ! cool huh ?? xD

Downloads page

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This is the downloads page's link !

This is the result of the poll . There's some "no" but i guess i have to make one , since "yes" is more than "no" xD
Thanks for voting ! from today on ! there's more stuff you can download in this site ! enjoy !

psst ... believe it or not .... the votes in "no" is voted by me xD at least ... 3 of them are voted by me ..... xD lol

Official Believix Song

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I guess you all heard the official Believix song in English already , and there's also a download link in my blog too ! but that one is very blur .... I have a High Quality English Believix song right here :D It's MP3 full song . Give me credits if you use it !

*gif by GraceQute*

Another hater

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This is getting ridiculous ! Her name is obviously "anti-ing" Angela ( from Anelga's Winx World ) and she is also saying my blog sucks . at first i ignore her but she's getting annoying-er and annoyinger ! she's doing this just to want me to close the cbox . I'm telling you this is NOT working ! Everyone in who visit this blog please ignore whatever this person said . I think she have mental problems , wasting her time to make everyone in the internet hate her ..... i feel so sorry for her ......

Not going online a whole week

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I'm so sorry I doesn't inform y'all that i can'y go online a week cause it's Chinese New Year . I'm now in my hometown and it's hard to get online since i have a lot of stuff to play and cousins to chat with .... it's very very fun ! i will tell you guys all about it in my blog after i get back my home ya :D I'm so sorry . I'm not able to go youtube , , or any other sites until i'm free .... sorry ya ! :D love y'all 1 promise i will be back after i get back home ya ! have fun !


Stella Believix = butterfly

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this , is a butterfly cacoon . I was thinking of Stella's Believix when i saw this . Stella used a blue light wrapped around herself and turned out her wings ! just like a butterfly !

see what i mean ?? Her transformation looks just like a butterfly getting out of a cacoon !
so do you agree ??

1st prize in FloraRulez's contest

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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!! i got first prize in FloraRulez's contest !!!! THANKS !
me and tring1991 got the 1st ! I got trought 2 round by making this Layla video

and got trough the last round by making the subber's video !
Tring got 1st of the 1st ! mine is a bit not as good as hers xD

Because I'm Tara

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Stars_and_Fire ask me to help her to advertise her blog ! this blog is AMAZING !
It's about Tara's (Star_and Fire's life) cool huh ? kinda like my blog :D and very cute layout as well xD Visit it today !

Guess Guess Guess Part 5 / Answer Part 4

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The Winner of the last part is
Musa Believix

These are the last part's answers xD

This is getting waaaaaayyyy to easy ! So i'm think of making it harder xD I'm not using any of Layla and Amentia's suggestions this time , I'm making some of my own . The first one is quite easy , i have to admit . but the others is quite hard ..... Muahaha !!!! Lets see you getting them right this time xD

ps : all of this is suppose to be PNG , i had no idea why it turned that way .....

Hmm .....

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Hmm ...... i don't know what to say so i just randomly type something here :D

I'm having a normal day , as usual .... Today have no tuition ! YAY ! (no extra class out of the school) . Internet life is normal too .... except for the pictures my friend can't seem to receive , i posted it in Photobucket lots of time already xD tell me , do you see it ??

Hope y'all do xD cause she can't .... We were great friends ! She supported me from the first time i make pics until now :D But she deleted her account , and now i found her again ! xD Do you always think of your internet friends when you're in school ? cause i always did :D Especially Phoebe , Emily , Ian , Flora , Yoko etc :D I wish they sit beside me , studying with me .... So i won't be so bored xD

And sometimes we don't say a thing
Just listen to the crickets sing
Everything I need is right here by my side.

And I know everything about you
I don't wanna live without you
Love this song ! :D Usually when her fans saw this video they would say "I wish i'm her friend" . But i knew my friends is already beside me , and we can do whatever Taylor did with her friends too xD (lol) maybe even better xD Sleep overs , shopping etc xD

Now we're making Chinese New Year's Cookies ! and i love to eat while doing xD but I'm easy to get sick too ..... We made sooo many biscuits ! I'll take a picture if i got time :D and i will make Butter cookies in Saturday xD It's gotta be awesome ! So ... what's the difference between cookies and biscuits ??

ps : GO Phoebe ! i know you can do well in your exam xD good luck !

Which links ??

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I think both are good , but just can't decide ! i need your help ! please tell me which sets are better to put in my blog :D

Which links ?
Round one
Rectangular one free polls

Yan ??

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Help me with one thing ... what does she means ??

Birthday list

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I guess you all seen the birthday list in the right hand side of this blog , It's my friend's birthday list , please tell me your birthday if you haven't . If you doesn't see your name on it , sorry :D I forgot (if you told me before) . But please tell me by comment ya ! :D thanks !

Winx Believix Dolls and in 3D

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I saw this video in Winx Club's Italian site . And it's about the Winx Dolls in Believix ! Aren't they just adorable ?!

Check this picture out ! it's in a scene in the video , i took a snap shot of it . Thanks to Venissa who helped me to spot it :D Bloom and Stella are in 3D ! and the girl are wearing Flora's Believix wings ! My guess is Flora is suppose to be in the middle but they put the girl instead for the advertisment . So does that means that the next movie of Winx , they are in Believix ?? But aren't the task in Earth already finished ? and what about Roxy ? is she in the next movie ?? is she still in Believix ??

Lets find out in the next movie :D

Please Vote for Flora

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I guess you all knew Flora in my "Chatta" . She always chat with me in my cbox :D and She's also my web sister . She's going for Queen of the Week 2nd season :D Please vote for her if you haven't :D
She's very nice , and friendly , you won't regret you voted for her . Please vote ya ! And here's her profile :D

1# WinxStellaFlora

1. what is your fairy name/specialist name?
2. which fairy/specialist you like most?
Flora and Brandon. I lyk Flora cuz she's so sweet n copmassionate.
3. what fairy powers/specialist qualities you have? ( you have to answer this question by using ur imagination) :
I have the power of love....I am the fairy of love
4. why you wanna be "KING/QUEEN OF THE WEEK" ?
Well bcuz I wanna make more friends n hav fun.
5. what good qualities you have?
I'm friendly, helpful, compassionate and loyal.
6. how can you help users by winning these crowns?
I'll help them in anyway I can.
7. what are your hobbies??
Singing, Dancing, chatting, listening to music, playing sports n d list goes on.
8. what is your aim in life?
To b a good person and live a good life. I wanna be able to be a role modle for others.
9. tell us something about your best buddy on winxclub
(you can tell his/her name and his/her good qualities)
Wow. I hav a lot of amazing frends. They're all friendly, kind, n fun.
10. give a message to all your friends on winxclub.
Love you all! You're all amazing and special. I'm glad to hav you guys as my friend.

Flora , if you haven't seen this . Just wanna tell you the surprise i told you :D it's finished !

Hope you like it !