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Winx Rockstars

Posted by GraceQute Labels:

Winx Club just send me a picture trough e-mail . I bet most of the Winx Club users got them ~~

I know a lot of Winx sites posted this too . I feel like posting it . So , is this a birthday present to me from Winx ? There's no Roxy , so i guess . Maybe , lolx xD 


  1. Jovan

    Happy Birthday Again! ^^

  1. Yoko

    Cool!They send me this e-mail too :)

  1. GraceQute

    Thank you !
    @Yoko ,
    Whoa ! nice profile picture ! and Yeah , i think it's because we have an account in ~~

  1. Sweet and Sour Forever

    OMG I can't believe it they put Roxy in the game and not on the promotional poster. I'm sad :'(

  1. GraceQute

    haha ! x3 me , on the other hand . is happy x3 lolx !

  1. Hinamori Amu

    Hey,it's Yoko again
    I have 3 acounts of Winx club xD