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Friend troubles

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I don't know why i want to post here . But i don't have other places to let out my miserable feeling !
My bestie in Youtube , Raily and her friend , Kitty got in a fight . Raily got hurt by Nicole so i understand that she is always in a betrayed mood but Kitty don't know . I tried to be nice to Kitty and told her to make up with Raily . Instead she misunderstood and told Raily that i backbite Raily . I was so angry . I was only gone for 3 days and this happens ! But in Kitty's point of view , she is now being deny by everyone in youtube , and in her eyes now , i am her only friend . So i try to talk to her . But she saw my comment in my own channel saying "All I wanted from you is 'STOP FIGHTING' !!!" She was hurted , obviously .

Another thing , I saw Steph's comment in Raily's channel . I thought she backbite her . At that moment , i really don't know what had gotten into me so i asked Steph . She was hurted too . Now I got 2 people hurted . 1 worrying i would hate her . I need a break . I think I will go offline for a while .
1) get out of here
2) my computer needs fixing .
Ciao ....


  1. Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel

    Try telling this to a psychologist, GraceQute, not the internet.

  1. GraceQute

    Come on , i am just trying to "express myself" here ~~ lolx ... it's all fix anyway ... =.="