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1. Youtube

I got 200 subbers ! actually 203 . Thanks for everyone's support ! Me and Fifiriven done a collab please watch it when you have time

2. Winx Sites Contest *closed*
there's 3 sites joined and all of them are amazing ! But only 2 sites entered the 2nd round !
first ....
Bloomerica's "Winx Club 4 Ever" !
How It Was Made:

Today, I'm going to be telling everyone the history of Winx Club 4 Ever. To be honest, it all started one day when I was looking for season 4 pictures. I clicked on a link to Winx-Fairies. Then, I asked a question and sent it to Phoebe. I started talking to her until one day it lead to the subject of I making a blog. I gave it a shot and made a blog. I named it Winx Club 4 Ever. It was a really good start. I owed everything to Phoebe. Later on, my blog got more readers and I got the hang of what I was doing. I decided my blog needed a makeover, so that's what I gave it. I ended up having to chose through six different back rounds before I got the one I have today. I then had two followers, and now I had much more. I then decided to make more pages. I made a FanFiction page, A Characters page, A Pixies page, A Questions Page, A Movie page, A Fan Edited Pictures page and A Fashions page. Yup, My blog sure was going places. After some posts and a whole lot of time, my blog now stands with thirty-one followers and over two hundred posts.

The Reason For Making:

The reason I made Winx Club 4 Ever was for the fun. I was really inspired by Winx-Fairies. I also guess I made Winx Club 4 Ever because I just loved Winx. I watched all three seasons then sort of stopped liking it. Yes, I admit, at some point of my life, I stopped liking Winx Club. But, my friend then told me about the movie being out and as soon as I heard that, I went on YouTube to watch it. The magic was brought back into my life and I began enjoying Winx Club again. shortly after that was when I made my blog.

Future Plans:

I plan to delete pages on the blog, and hire more authors. I must say, I need help with the posting and what not. I'm only on the computer three out of seven days and that doesn't give me much time to post. Still, I try my hardest, and succeed. I have all my friends out there in the internet world to help me on my way. I wouldn't have ever gotten here without my blog.
and ......

Angela's "Angela's Winx World" !

It all started as a school project...
I used to visit Winx Club websites and blogs for fun and ran across tons of fun images. (Since I really thought/think Winx Club is AMAZING.) I eventually found Michael's Favorites and I think that was the website that inspired me the most. It was really well done with lots of pictures and an extremely cool news page. For a while I participated in sending news into that website - but eventually I decided I really wanted to start a website of my own.
One day, I was like, so determined and I drew the "main page" design on paper and showed my parents. They liked it, so they helped me set one up. I learned basic web design and immediately fell in love with it - while it being part of my school! My parents let me use this HTML book that was probably as big as a couple of fat bricks, but I barely even scanned it. I used Google when I wanted to know how to do something!
I saved images, made them into JPEGs (since they load faster) and wrote down Winx Club info as well as what I thought of the show. Starting up the website took me a couple of months because of all the images I had to edit.
I continued building up my website until May 20th, 2009 when I had my Grand Opening - as well as a contest to celebrate! I got two entries (thanks Grace and Phoebe! You rock!!), but I didn't mind too much. After all, my website had just started and nobody knew about it.
I posted my site on a couple of Topsites to get people to visit it - and then to my surprise I was getting a TON of visits! After awhile, I was getting a steady 1,000 visits PER DAY!
By August 17th I was up to 100,000 visits and I held another contest. I seriously couldn't/can't believe how many people enjoy visiting my site!!
Now, I am up to 200,000 visits and about 200 comments (including mine) and more and more everyday!
Well, that's how it started and i hope you enjoyed my report! ^_^ Thanks for reading!

Here's how the second round goes , we have to choose the best site . We will have a poll and YOU will vote for the best site !

Which site is the best ?
Winx Club 4 Ever
Angela Winx World free polls
and after the due date in January ( I'll choose the due date by surprise ) I'll count out the poll in their site and add my site to count out who's the winner . Good luck to both of you ! :D


  1. believixMusa

    Hey Everyone!Coooooool bloomerica made it...AWESOME!FYI I was the friend who told bloomerica about the winx club movie.BLOOMERICA GOOD LUCK!

  1. believixMusa

    Hehee go me!I brought the magic back bloomerica!

  1. GraceQute

    cool ! so you are that friend :D good job ! if not i don't think i can even meet her xp

  1. Angela

    Oh my goodness, how cool! Thanks Grace. :D BTW, I love the image you made of my site - my fave character, Stella! ;)

  1. GraceQute

    welcome Angela ! glad you like it ! :D

  1. analadygaga™

    Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Nawshin

    hey grace its me nawshin you have awesome site.i love your site all things are so cool.

  1. GraceQute

    thanks Nawshin ! :D i worked hard on it xD

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    Howdy im new on here, I came accross this chat board I have found It vastly accessible & its helped me alot. I hope to give something back and help other users like its helped me.

    Thanks, Catch You Around.